4 Actors who'll kill it Playing Dele Pearce

Will Smith's recent nomination for a Golden Globe playing the Nigerian born Bennet Omalu, tells us that Hollywood actors might just be ready to take on more Nigerian roles, and what better role to play right now than Dele Pearce, the obnoxious, womanizing blogger from The Galadima Conspiracy?


The Goodreads Giveaway

Starting May 1st 2014, thriller fans have an opportunity to enter and win a free paperback copy of the international thriller The Galadima Conspiracy. The giveaway would run for five days and would be open to people in Canada, U.K and U.S.A.


The Macaulay Massacre - An Eyewitness's Story.

I had skipped work to take my girlfriend Lape out. It was her birthday and because she had been complaining so much that I didn't spend enough time with her, I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice by calling in sick and spending the entire day with her.


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Awesome Gang Interview

Dan's interview on Awesome Gang. He talks basically about his new book The Galadima Conspiracy.Read the full interview here

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Dan Abubakar started writing at the age of nine and for years writing remained just a hobby. After University and working in the I.T industry as a Web Developer/Consultant for almost ten years, Dan decided to give writing a real chance. His debut novel is the political thriller The Galadima Conspiracy.

When not writing, Dan is an avid reader, a movie buff and sometimes a music fiend. His favorite movies include The Usual Suspects, Con Air, L.A Confidential, 50 First Dates, Inception, The Dark Knight and Casino Royale.

Dan's influences include Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Dean Koontz and Lee Child. More recently, writers like Rachel Abbott and Simon Wood have also inspired him.

Dan loves thrillers and mysteries but is open to all genres.He is currently working on his second and third books simultaneously. They are Givens and Yahooligans.

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