Dear Sidney Sheldon

It's been almost ten years since you left us but your impact on my life and probably the lives of others would live on forever. I wasn't born a reader, that would be my older sister, and as I watched her read as a kid, I picked books up and scanned through them, Enid Blyton was the best I could do and who would blame me, books were too long and too tedious, why should I bother with them when there was TV and film.


Sorry Bub, No Freebies From Me

As an author, especially one that is new to this madness, I've always debated putting my book up for free on Kindle. I'm flirting with becoming a full time writer very soon which means writing not just for leisure or fun but to pay for the Mediterranean cruise, the Amman weekend and the South African safari.


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Awesome Gang Interview

Dan's interview on Awesome Gang. He talks basically about his new book The Galadima Conspiracy.Read the full interview here

About Dan Abubakar

Dan Abubakar started writing at the age of nine and for years writing remained just a hobby. After University and working in the I.T industry as a Web Developer/Consultant for almost ten years, Dan decided to give writing a real chance. His debut novel is the political thriller The Galadima Conspiracy.

When not writing, Dan is an avid reader, a movie buff and sometimes a music fiend. His favorite movies include The Usual Suspects, Con Air, L.A Confidential, 50 First Dates, Inception, The Dark Knight and Casino Royale.

Dan's influences include Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Dean Koontz and Lee Child. More recently, writers like Rachel Abbott and Simon Wood have also inspired him.

Dan loves thrillers and mysteries but is open to all genres.He is currently working on his second and third books simultaneously. They are Givens and Yahooligans.

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