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Terminator Genisys had all the ingredients for success: Paramount pictures didn't slack in any sense with the production or marketing of the movie. The film's primary elements make sense: It has Alan Taylor of Game of Thrones and Thor: The Dark World behind the lens. It reboots a very popular franchise and it features hot up comers Emilia Clarke also from Game of Thrones and Jai Courtney from Divergent. In promoting Genisys, they hit heavily with spots during NBA basketball games, UFC fights and even the super bowl's second quarter earlier this year, an event that drew a historic number of viewers.

What then happened and why does it seem like Genisys is going to have a hard time recouping its $155million budget? It's poised to make a meager $27.3 million this July 4th weekend and a total of $46.2 for its first 5-day run which are the lowest 3-day and 5-day figures of the franchise since the original Terminator in 1984.

Genisys would not be the first movie poised for greatness to underperform in the box-office and would definitely not be the last, but what intrigues me about Genisys is the fact that if a box-office layman like me could so clearly see flop. Why didn't Paramount picture see this?

First of all, the Terminator franchise has been over flogged. While this is not necessarily a bad thing (the Spiderman franchise is also somewhat in the same condition), why reboot the franchise and still have Arnold Schwarzenegger (now 67 years old) from the original movie in the reboot reprising the role of Terminator? Couldn't someone else, (maybe Gerald Butler) play the Terminator? Schwarzenegger's return to the silver screen has received a less than mediocre reception, and probably in a desperate move, Schwarzenegger felt that a reprisal of the most successful role in his career would automatically lead to box-office gold.

Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger and Paramount didn't consider the most important ingredient for box-office success: the audience.

Though in the past week, I've met a few people who are completely excited about Genisys, more folks, like me, are not. A big fan of the original, I'm of the firm opinion that a reboot should not have included Schwarzenegger in a major role or in any role for that matter. I don't have anything against Schwarzenegger, I just feel a reboot should be as fresh as possible.

With heavy contenders like Minions and Self/Less (which I consider a comeback for Ryan Reynolds) coming out next weekend, Genisys is likely to drop very quickly. It would probably end up with less than $90 million in domestic box-office receipts. With no release date in China, it's unlikely to perform incredibly in the international box-office either. Two sequels are due for release in 2017 and 2018 and a TV show is in the works but has Genisys destroyed any prospects for a rebirth or is it just a bump in at the start of something beautiful.

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