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Hate him or love him, fact is Adam Sandler has remained one of the most successful Hollywood actors through the last decade. Since 2005, of Sandler's 15 movies, 10 have grossed over 100 million (U.S Box office receipts) which is more than any other Hollywood actor can claim, and what's more impressive is that he has been able to accomplish this with mostly original movies; only one animated offering (Hotel Transylvania) and one sequel (Grown Ups 2). Never a favorite with critics; at the beginning of his career, they predicted it wouldn't last and now these same critics say it has come to an end.

According to Forbes Magazine, in 2014, Sandler was the most overpaid actor for the second year running, making a return of $3.20 for every $1 of pay. While Sandler has actually made some really bad choices recently, (Jack and Jill, That's My Boy), movies like Blended with Drew Barrymore which barely made back its production budget was mostly a result of the spillover effect from his previous two flops and also as a result of a poor choice in release date; opening the same summer weekend as X-Men: Days of Future Past. It would have been more suitable for a February release like his prior romantic comedy Just Go With It ($103million), with Jennifer Aniston.

The Cobbler which was released a few months ago proved to be Sandler's lowest grossing picture till date, making less than $50,000 in box office receipts and leaving many wondering where his career is heading.

The hits are however far from over for Sandler, his career should take a quantum leap with his next flick Pixels, a movie where aliens use famous 1980 computer game characters to attack earth. The Pixels trailer has already made a record for Sony amassing the most views for a Sony movie trailer in 24 hours. Pixels would be Sandler's first live action movie, first 3D release, and first with an A list director like Chris Columbus of the Harry Potter franchise.

With a more appealing plot than his more recent movies, Pixels should gross north of 200 million (U.S Box office) and easily become Sandler's highest grossing movie yet, surpassing his 1999 hit Big Daddy's $163.5 million. The sequel to Sandler's animated Hotel Transylvania would also hit theatres later this year.

Though most box office pundits put Pixels just slightly over 100 million, it's surprising to see how they continue to underestimate this man's power with the audience. Sandler is the first actor to strike a four picture deal with Netflix, and Netflix claims that the reason for this deal is because of Sandler's popularity on their platform. Even when the critics bash him, Sandler has usually found a way of still striking gold and with Pixel Sandler's gold would only continue to shine.

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