The Macaulay Massacre - An Eyewitness's Story.

I had skipped work to take my girlfriend Lape out. It was her birthday and because she had been complaining so much that I didn't spend enough time with her, I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice by calling in sick and spending the entire day with her.

We were going to have breakfast in a trendy restaurant. I hadn't decided where yet but I was considering a few options. After breakfast, we were going to go shopping, I was planning on buying her a new perfume and a dress. Nothing too fancy. We were going to see a movie or two and finally, have dinner in Marcopolo Oriental Restaurant. I had made reservations several weeks ago.

The traffic light stopped us on Macaulay Street junction leading to Constitution Avenue. As we waited for traffic to pass us. I looked at the car beside us like I'd always done in traffic. In the car were three people. Two men and the most beautiful woman I had seen outside of a TV or movie screen. She was so beautiful I didn't realize I was gawking until Lape slapped me.

Lape had been saying something about her best friend and her boyfriend and until we stopped in traffic I had been pretending convincingly to be listening. Now with the appearance of this lady in the car beside us, I had completely forgotten Lape was in the car with me.
I am not a womanizer nor do I have a habit of staring at complete strangers but this woman defined beauty better than any dictionary had and I was lost in admiration of her.

Lape's slap brought me back to the harsh reality of a world where everything was not so beautiful. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and I'm sure that if we weren't wound up other people would have heard her.

I was just about to apologize when the crashing sound of something landing on our bonnet took our attention outside. It wasn't something, it was somebody - a man. Where had he come from? What had happened? I looked towards the car where I had seen the beautiful woman. She was not there anymore. I wondered what had happened to her when the sharp and rapid sound of gunshots took me. I noticed then two people in masks spraying at an ambulance. Lape was screaming and something else in the car was making a thumping sound. It was my heart.

The Macaulay Massacre is a fictional event that took place in The Galadima Conspiracy

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