Sorry Bub, No Freebies From Me

As an author, especially one that is new to this madness, I've always debated putting my book up for free on Kindle. I'm flirting with becoming a full time writer very soon which means writing not just for leisure or fun but to pay for the Mediterranean cruise, the Amman weekend and the South African safari.

Even before my book was released, I had already done loads of research and developed a plan (like research suggested), but found myself modifying the plan ever so often once the book was finally out. Modifications in my plan mostly involved how much to spend on various marketing services I was initially unaware of, but most importantly whether or not to give out thousands of my book for free on Kindle.

I have read several posts that encourage KDP Free book promotions and how it helps to boost book sales eventually. I have also come across several blogs and websites that post free books available on Kindle. I registered with bookbub, a very delightful website that sends me book bargains daily. I started to download only the free books (downloaded one even in the middle of this article). I've downloaded a book or two daily since I started using the service but I rarely read any of the books. With so many unread books in my Kindle, I still go into the store ever so regularly to pay for a book I want to actually read, a book I heard of some other way. I read in a blog post recently that I'm not the only one with this ridiculous habit of downloading free books and not reading them, there are in fact thousands of us. I guess we'd all get to them eventually.

I have read only two of the freebies I downloaded. One of them was a novella by Nick Pirog called 3AM, the premise was really intriguing so even as I downloaded it, I knew it was something I wanted to read. I finished it almost as quick as I started it. After reading it, I went ahead and bought another book by Pirog called Gray Matters. I believe that is what freebies are meant to do - get you to buy another title by the author. In that sense, Mr. Pirog definitely won. The other freebie I read courtesy of bookbub was easy to read even though it was pretty crappy. I managed to finish the book only that the story didn't finish, instead it stopped at midpoint and like a cheesy TV movie said TO BE CONTINUED. I never bothered with the continuation, I doubt I would have downloaded the sequel even if it was free.

I guess different strokes work for different folks but I've decided not to put my book for free on Kindle.For one, I only have one title out at the moment so I can't expect people to do with me like I did with Pirog. Instead, I would run giveaways where I could offer it for free (I just finished a Goodreads giveaway and I'm giving out 5 paperback copies). I would also be running a blog tour where I'd give out more copies and then on my website I'd also have a giveaway every now and then.

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Dan Abubakar

Dan Abubakar started writing at the age of nine and for years writing remained just a hobby. After University and working in the I.T industry as a Web Developer/Consultant for almost ten years, Dan decided to give writing a real chance. His debut novel is the political thriller The Galadima Conspiracy.

When not writing, Dan is an avid reader, a movie buff and sometimes a music enthusiast. His favorite movies include The Usual Suspects, Con Air, L.A Confidential, The Shawshank Redemption, 50 First Dates, Inception, The Dark Knight and Casino Royale.

Dan's influences include Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Dean Koontz and Lee Child. More recently, writers like Rachel Abbott and Simon Wood have also inspired him.

Dan loves thrillers and mysteries but is open to all genres.He is currently working on his second and third books simultaneously. They are Hersassin and Yahooligans.