The Galadima Conspiracy

The Galadima Conspiracy

President Galadima of Nigeria has disappeared. Heís in a hospital in Saudi Arabia receiving treatment where he dies but his death must remain a secret.

Aspiring New York based blogger Dele Pearce is made privy to this secret but when he reports the death he becomes the target of a nefarious psychotic assassin who will stop at nothing to see him dead.

Leah Givens, an ex-CIA agent now transporter living in London is contracted to transport very sensitive information in a flash disk but when the disk is stolen from her, not only must Leah retrieve it, she must go after a dangerous nemesis from her past.

High stakes and international intrigue as former CIA agent Leah Givens and blogger Dele Pearce race against the clock to thwart the destructive plans of a powerful group of people while trying to stay alive and uncover an unlikely scheme to keep a dead president in office.

Excerpt from The Galadima Conspiracy

Raji Baba smiled as he listened to the short bald man talk. The man spoke in Hausa but from his accent and tone, Raji could tell that he was not very used to the language. It must have been a language he picked up only recently.

Raji hated it when someone didnít speak Hausa like it was supposed to be spoken. It was a very beautiful language and any mistake in the nuances took away all its finesse. Raji believed every language had to be respected and Hausa was no exception. In order for him not to disrespect any language, Raji had decided long ago not to speak any other language but his mother tongue.

This short bald man however who probably originated from roots far away from anything Hausa was massacring his beloved language, and for once, Raji didnít mind.

Under normal circumstances, Raji would not speak or listen to anyone who spoke Hausa so poorly. He loved his language too dearly to watch anyone do this kind of injustice to it. Under normal circumstances, he would refer the person to his personal assistant Aliyu Turaki who he believed was fluent in both Hausa and English. This was no normal circumstance however. This involved a five million naira fee as well as national security, or so the short bald man claimed.

He didnít care much about national security, God forbid, if there was any national crisis, he had ways of staying safe. He cared about the money though. Five million naira was good enough to deny his beloved language or at least endure through its brutal torture.

About Dan Abubakar

Dan Abubakar

Dan Abubakar started writing at the age of nine and for years writing remained just a hobby. After University and working in the I.T industry as a Web Developer/Consultant for almost ten years, Dan decided to give writing a real chance. His debut novel is the political thriller The Galadima Conspiracy.

When not writing, Dan is an avid reader, a movie buff and sometimes a music enthusiast. His favorite movies include The Usual Suspects, Con Air, L.A Confidential, The Shawshank Redemption, 50 First Dates, Inception, The Dark Knight and Casino Royale.

Dan's influences include Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Dean Koontz and Lee Child. More recently, writers like Rachel Abbott and Simon Wood have also inspired him.

Dan loves thrillers and mysteries but is open to all genres.He is currently working on his second and third books simultaneously. They are Hersassin and Yahooligans.